House rules


Rules apply in and around The Fitness House. By entering this building you agree with our rules. The management reserves the right of access and the right of terminate of membership without giving any reason. The entrance is equipped with an access control, to gain access to The Fitness House you must keep your membership card in front of the card reader. Your pass is personal and not transferable. Persons under the age of 14 cannot become a member of The Fitness House. Persons who are 14 and 15 years old can only exercise under the supervision of a person who is older than 18 years. It is not allowed to bring (sports) bags to the sports areas. It is not allowed to leave belongings after the closing time in the clothing lockers. After closing time, the locks still hanging on the lockers are removed, as are the items that are found. Smoking is strictly forbidden. Consuming consumptions is only permitted in the Lounge. In the training rooms, drinking is only permitted from a lockable plastic bottle or bottle. It is not allowed to consume consumed food within The Fitness House. Lost and found items are stored for 8 days. The Fitness House is not liable for theft, loss, damage or accidents in and around the club. She can not be held liable as such. In all cases not covered by these regulations, the management decides.


Identification by a valid proof of identity is required (passport or driver license).
The membership is not transferable or exchangeable. In case of holiday, illness or otherwise, the period of validity of the subscription is not adjusted.
In the event of loss or theft of this card, we will charge you € 10,-.
The Fitness House reserves the right to adjust the rates.
The Fitness House is always authorizes, because of her own reasons, to deny people temporary or permanent access and to terminate the membership agreement immediately.

Opening hours

The opening times can be found on the website www.thefitnesshouse.nl, opening hours can be changed and public holidays may have different opening hours.

Fitness and Cardio

In the sport areas, wearing clean sportswear, non-wearing indoor shoes and the use of a clean towel is mandatory.
For hygienic reasons, every member is required to use a towel on the devices.
Materials must be returned to their place after use.
Jackets and bags are not allowed in the sport areas.

Aerobics and spinning

In the sport areas, wearing clean sportswear, non-wearing indoor shoes and the use of a clean towel is mandatory. Materials must be returned to their place after use.
In exceptional cases, a lesson may be cancelled.


Coffee, tea and other refreshments are available in the lounge for a fee. The lounge is completely self-service, and this means that after consuming coffee, tea or sports drinks, you put the used cups back in the pantry and deposit the empty bottles in the dustbin. A Wi-Fi connection is available in the lounge.


We recommend using a locker to protect your belongings.
With a view to everyone’s safety and health, it is advisable to follow instructions and advice from the employees.
If you have health problems and / or injuries, we ask you to report this to an instructor. In case of doubt about participation in an activity, or performing an exercise, ask the instructor for advice.
Sports arranged but avoid overtraining.
Training more than once a day can lead to negative training results and injuries.
Verbal and / or physical violence will not be tolerated.
Unwanted and or desired intimacies in The Fitness House are not allowed.