Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Definitions

These general conditions are understood to mean: ‘The Fitness House’ movement concept offered to the participant as well as the various activities offered under the name ‘The Fitness House, as well as the organizer of this movement concept NOI 27 BV located in The Hague (Chamber of Commerce number: 52253597). Establishment: the physical location where The Fitness House is offered. Fit For Business: participation in company fitness provided by The Fitness House via the employer whereby the employee can become a member of The Fitness House at a rate agreed with the employer. Manager: The person who takes care of the management of The fitness House establishment. Participant/member: natural person (m / f) aged 14 and older, who participates in The Fitness House. The Fitness House entrance bag: access card for The Fitness House establishment. The Fitness House discount card: The Fitness House entrance bag that is also suitable for benefits that selected companies offer to The Fitness House members. Pass holder: the natural person or – in the case of corporate fitness – the legal entity in whose name the membership is administered.

Article 2: Registrations and Access

2.1 The registration for The Fitness House takes place by:
a. To complete and sign the registration form, also membership agreement, at the reception at the location of the relevant Fitness House.
b. The registration form, also membership agreement, online at www.thefitnesshouse.nl to fill in and send.
c. in case of company fitness the manner agreed with the employer.

When registering online, the member had the right to inform The Fitness House that he/she is renouncing the membership, without paying of a fine and without giving a reason within 7 working days from the day following the registration.

2.2 The payment obligation and direct debit collection commence at the moment that The Fitness House has received the notification.
2.3 The registration fee of € 50,- is due upon registration.
2.4 The administration costs of € 18,00 are due upon registration.
2.5 The fitness House reserves the right to offer discounted promotions. The registration form is the guiding principle here.
2.6 The Fitness House is entitled to use the supplied data for communication with members.
2.7 When the maximum number of members has been reached, the participant is placed on a waiting list. The participant receives a message from The Fitness House as soon as the membership can start.
2.8 Access to the fitness House establishment in only possible on presentation of a valid The Fitness House entrance bag.
2.9 With a valid The Fitness House entrance bag, the member is entitled to use the facilities of The Fitness House within opening hours.
2.10 Children under the age of 18 must submit a written permission from their parent/guardian together with a copy of the identification of their parent/guardian/caretaker.

Article 3. The Fitness House entrance bag

3.1 The Fitness House entrance bag remains property to The Fitness House at all times.
3.2 The cardholder remains at all times liable for the use and / or misuse of the The Fitness House entrance bag.
3.3 In the event of loss, theft or otherwise incurring The Fitness House entrance bag, the payment obligations remain in full force. The pass holder must report this by telephone after which the pass is blocked for access. The telephone number where this can be reported is stated on the www.thefitnesshouse.nl. A replacement pass can be obtained for a fee by direct debit of € 10,- at the reception of The Fitness House.

Article 4: Opening Hours

4.1 The Fitness House reserves the right to change the opening hours.
4.2 On official holidays, The Fitness House establishment is entitled to be closed.
4.3 The Fitness House is entitled to close the establishment mentioned in the membership agreement for repair and maintenance work. The member is not entitled to a refund of membership fees.

Article 5: membership, term and payment.

5.1. A membership contract with The Fitness House is entered into for the agreed contract duration from the commencement date. The starting date of the membership agreement is determined by the participant on the registration form. The first 4-week period will start from this date. The member owes the subscription fee for the entire subscription period in advance. The Fitness House however, offers the athlete the opportunity to pay the contract in periodic instalments in advance. After taking out subscriptions, the subscription fee is collected per period via a direct debit approved by the athlete.
5.2. You can inquire about our rates at the reception in the branch.
5.3. Amounts are due and payable in advance.
5.4. Payment must be made per period of 4 weeks in advance via direct debit for the amount relating to the membership.
5.5. In the event of late receipt of the amount due, for example as a result of insufficient balance or reversal for whatever reason, the collection will be executed again. If the amount due after the second collection has not yet been paid, € 9,00 cancellation costs will be charged. The member is given two weeks to pay the amount due. If the participant is in default after this two-week period, the claim will be handed over for collection. All costs incurred for this are for the account of the cardholder.
5.6. The Fitness House entrance bag will be blocked as long as the payment obligation has not been met. The member may be denied access to The Fitness House establishment. The Fitness House is entitled to terminate the relationship with the member in the event of late payment without the payment obligation being cancelled.
5.7. If a participant does not make use of the right of unlimited training, no refund of the subscription fee will take place.
5.8. The interim suspension of the payment is not permitted.
5.9. The Fitness House reserves the right to change rates in the interim. At least 2 months before a price change, all members will be informed. The prices are not changed for the current contract duration.
5.10. The Fitness House reserves the right to index annually.

Article 6: Risk and liability

6.1. Using the equipment, following a program of any kind, at The Fitness House, is entirely at the risk of the participant.
6.2. Both The Fitness House and its employees accept no liability for material or immaterial damage as a result of accident or injury to the participant and / or third parties, arising in any way whatsoever.
6.3. The Fitness House as its employees do not accept any liability for damage, loss or theft of property belonging to the participant and / or third party.
6.4. The participant is liable for damage caused to property of The Fitness House, if this damage is due to negligence and / or fault of this member.

Article 7: Termination

7.1. The participant may terminate his subscription by cancelling the membership agreement by means of filling in and signing the cancellation form at the reception of the branch for a period of 4 weeks before the expiration of his subscription.
7.2. Only participants who have registered via the internet can cancel via the internet.
7.3. The notice period is one period of four weeks before the date on which the subscription expires, with due observance of article 5. 7.4. The Fitness House entrance bag must be returned to The Fitness House after the membership ends. This must be done within one month after the end of the subscription.
7.5. The Fitness House reserves the right in case of serious or repeated violation of the house rules or other proven unacceptable behaviour, on the request of The Fitness House employee to claim the card and terminate the subscription without refund of any payment and without the payment obligation for the further contract duration expires.
7.6. Suspension of the subscription for whatever reason is not permitted.

Article 8: House rules

8.1. The participant is deemed to be aware of the house rules and the general conditions of The Fitness House and to act accordingly.
8.2. In the event of questions relating to The Fitness House, the participant must in the first instance turn to the staff member of The Fitness House and in the second instance in writing to The Fitness House.
8.3. The general conditions and the house rules of The Fitness House can be found on the website www.thefitnesshouse.nl and can be downloaded for free.

Article 9: General terms and conditions, applicable law and forum choice

9.1. These terms and conditions and all agreements entered into by or with The Fitness House are governed exclusively by Dutch law.
9.2. All disputes that may arise in connection with the agreement between a participant and The Fitness House location mentioned in the agreement will be settles by the competent court in The Hague.
9.3. By registering, the participant declares to know and accept the general conditions and house rules of The Fitness House, so that these general terms and conditions form a whole with the registration form as referred to article 2 of these general conditions and therefore together form the agreement.
9.4. The Fitness House is entitled to change the house rules and the general condition. Changed house rules apply immediately for everybody; changed terms and conditions apply to new members and to members whose membership is extended on the basis of article 5.1 of these general terms and conditions.