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The Fitness House is equipped with high windows all around and has a professional air treatment unit that provides fresh and clean air in which you can improve your fitness in a pleasant way and if you want, lose weight. Who does not want that, playing sports in a professional, fun, cosy, fresh environment that makes you feel better in your own skin?

Small group training area

Training on the fitness floor in a group led by an instructor. Our SGT consists of multiple exercises, which are alternated regularly. A 30-minute workout in circuit form with a very high FUN content!

Cardio training

A training in which you train the heart and lung function. And it's also the right way to lose weight.

Fitness circuit

In 30 minutes you can give your body the training it needs to stay fit and energetic. The fitness circuit is simple, effective, fast, varied and you can start at any time of the day. Ideal for beginners and if you have little time.


Spinning is a group lesson where on a spinning bike the strength endurance is trained and where you determine the intensity. When there are no group lessons you can train virtually on your own.

Weight training

A training where you can improve the strength and the muscular endurance of your body with the help of fitness equipment. The way you can move your body is determined by the device. This is a safe and above all clear way of training.

Free weights

To train your body in the way that suits you best, loose weights are ideal. Your body has a very great freedom of movement and since you have to keep the weights in balance your muscles are stimulated more which leads to results.

Abdominal muscle training

Abdominal muscles are not easy to train and therefore The fitness house gives every hour under the guidance of an experienced instructor a workout that can be followed by everyone and, provided you regularly participate, guaranteed results.


In the aerobic studio, the fitness house offers a wide variety of group lessons, including Les Mills, Zumba, Shapeburn, Step, Yoga, Pilates and BodyBoxx. Great to work on your health while enjoying music in a group. See group lessons for a detailed description.


The Fitness House features a spacious lounge with exterior views, comfortable sofas and free WI-FI connection. In the lounge the is a pantry where you can buy coffee, tea and sports drinks by means of self-service.


Besides above, The Fitness House also features the following:

  • Lockable with you own padlock lockers for safe storage of your belongings. The padlocks are also for sale at the reception
  • A gym with more than 120 Star Trac cardio and Gym-80 fitness machines.

Group lessons


Get to know this 50-minute fitness class. During Bodypump all your muscles are trained with the help of weights and a dumbbell. The ideal lesion for muscle strengthening, slimming and improving your figure. Simple, safe, effective, motivating music and super fun!


This is a body & mind training. This lesson uses a mix of traditional Yoga, Thai Chi and Pilates movements. Ancient cultures have been pointing to the benefits of a good balance between body and mind for centuries. BodyBalance focuses on improving your posture, agility, strength, coordination and balance.

Zumba® fitness

This is a dance and fitness work out based on latin and international music such as Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Flamenco, Belly dance, Cumbia, African dance, Hip hop and Dance. Zumba uses a combination of fitness and dance steps from Latin American dances. This combination creates a party feeling. The music and the variety ensure that you don't realize that you are exercising.


An excellent fitness training on swinging music. A step class consists of athletic movements performed on a height adjustable bench. Where you perform all kinds of exercises on the best music. Walk up and down 2000 times and at the same time work on tight legs and legs. Simple, effective and varied!


Yoga is an age-old Hindu philosophy that teaches the mind, the feeling and the body to control. It is a system that can make a significant contribution to the improvement of the quality of life based on personal experiences. This 60-minute class trains your body on strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Bodyboxx beat the music

This is a mega energetic group lesson for every level. Learn boxing to the beat of the music. Train your body on endurance, strength, suppleness, perseverance, reflexes, insight and control! A complete boxing and cardio work out for your entire body. Nine music tracks, 100% workout!

Shapeburn class

This is a grouplesson for people who do not like jumping but like to work hard and burn a lot of calories. The lesson consists of 2 parts. The first part of the lesson consists of low-impact, but high intensity movements alternated with dynamic exercises for the legs and buttocks. The second part consists pf different exercises aimed at the abdomen, buttocks, legs and back muscles.


This is a group lesson based on eastern martial arts, with movements from disciplines such as Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Tai Chi. The 50-minute workout is based on ten popular music tracks. This makes an exciting fitness experience that delivers extremely fast fitness results.


Belly, Low back and buttocks are central. This area is called the centre of strength. Therefore, there will be a lot of attention for 'centering': moving from the centre of the body. Pilates is all about concentrating, controlling, making fluid movements, precision and breathing. The exercises do not result in the build-up of extra muscle mass, but especially in more agility and a better body posture.


Push yourself to the limit with this intense indoor cycling workout! TPM is an effective cycling program for everyone who wants to lose weight, improve fitness or wants to achieve a better outdoor cycling performance. A super intensive group class in which you can cycle to the rhythm of crazy music. You have never burned calories so fast!

GRIT Strength®

GRIT Strength is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training. You are pushed to the limit and further. You train with a dumbbell, weight discs and your own body weight. You receive maximum personal attention because you train in a small group. With the coach who trains with you on the fitness floor and who motivates you and the team, you will be amazed at how hard you can train. And best of all: you achieve the results you are looking for!


This is a high intensity interval training on the bike. It's an intense training. No long rides, but 30 minutes HITT! Because the workout is short, you are challenged to get the maximum out of yourself. You quickly achieve results with minimal burden on the joints. Intensity peaks alternate with breaks.

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Personal Trainers


Eric Zegeling

Hi, my name is Eric Zegeling. I'm working at The Fitness House as a personal trainer. My specialty is training and motivating a fitness athlete at any level. The level can vary from 'old school' fitness tot adapted fitness on a physio level. I have more than 25 years of experience as a fitness coach and trainer.


Rogier van Kooperen

Hi, my name is Rogier van Kooperen and I have been working as a personal trainer at The Fitness House for almost 2 years now. I would like to think of a training that suits your needs, so you can fire at the gym! Would you like to work with me?


Manuel Viacava

Hi, My name is Manuel Viacava and I have been working at The Fitness House since 2014 as Personal Trainer. I'm originally from Peru and besides my mother tongue, Spanish, I also speak Dutch, English and Italian fluently. I'm a passionate sports enthusiast and in my spare time I do Crossfit.

Personal Trainers

If you work with a personal trainer you'll increase your chances of success.

Call 070-3656161 to schedule an appointment.

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